• ICD 2009 scholarship provided by International Society of Dermatology to attend and present paper at 10th International Congress of Dermatology held in Prague, Czech Republic.
  • BAD travel grant provided by British Association of Dermatologists to attend and oral presentation 89th Annual BAD Meeting held at Glasgow, UK.
  • ASPCR travel award provided by ASPCR to attend 4th Asian Society for Pigment Cell Research meeting, Guangzhou, China.
  • WCD 2011 Scholarship provided by ILDS for attending WCD2011 held in Seoul, Korea in May 2011
  • International Society of Dermatology Mentorship Program for the year 2010, and got scholarship by ISD for the same. It was on vitiligo at Department of Dermatology, Florence University, Italy.
  • BAD travel grant to attend 91st Annual BAD Meeting held at London, UK.